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The house is located in the Vouliagmeni lagoon. It can host up to 5 persons and it’s suitable for families or couples. Vouliagmeni lagoon is 6 kilometres from Perahora and it’s a magnificent place for your vacations. Plenty beaches to have a swim with a lot of pine trees in the side. The road that cross the lagoon is perfect for having a ride by foot or by a bike. Perahora is about an hour away from the Athens International airport and is approached by several different ways, feel free to ask me about anything!

There are two bedrooms in the house. The first bedroom has a master double bed and the other one has a single bed with a pull-out mattress that allows it to turn into a comfortable bed for two.

One large kitchen gives you everything you need to prepare your breakfast and meals. The living room is very comfortable with that large sofa, There is also a fireplace decorated with a wooden celling.

The place has a fence and the yard has several olive and lemon trees. Kids can have a place for having fun outside the house and of course there is a lot of space for you car parking.

The house is a couple of minutes away by walk from Vouliagmeni sea lake. There is a kiosk nearby where you can buy your basic needs and lots of taverns and cafeterias around the lake. The neighborhood is very quiet and perfect for your holidays. Don’t forget to go to the Lighthouse where the view is magnificent in the evenings. The village of Perahora is 6 kilometers away (5 minutes driving) where you can find anything you may need. A super market, bakery, gas station, greek tavern, cafeteria and a pharmacy.


  • Air Condition
  • Balcony
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Coffee Machine
  • Dining Table
  • Electric Kettle
  • Fireplace
  • Fridge
  • Garden
  • Kitchenette
  • Laundry
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Private Parking
  • Seating area
  • Sofa
  • TV


Wifi is available


Private parking available


LoutrakiLoutraki… A Destination Full of Surprises! Idyllic locations, unique attractions, extreme adventures, incomparable venues and fun activities. An ideal year-round tourist destination! The combination of the suitable climatic conditions and the rare natural environment of Loutraki, creates a haven that provides limitless opportunities for summer and winter breaks. The temperate, mediterranean climate, the crystal –

Sports & nature

Sports & nature

Activities & Sports

At sea or on land, in nature or in the stadium Loutraki is ideal for many sports activities. Bungee jumping in the Corinth Canal and windsurfing on the beach are trademarks for Loutraki. In the last years Loutraki has hosted major sporting events such as the panhellenic special Olympics Games, track events, rally races (national and international), bicycle races, football tournaments, jet ski championships and more. The modern sports facilities, the open sea and the mountains of Gerania are suitable for preparing a team, conducting contests and organize marathons and other events, both in natural and artificial conditions.


Whatever season you choose to visit Loutraki, you will feel like you snuck into a painting. The blue waters of the Corinthian Gulf mingle with the endless pebble beach and the waves seem to form a fine embroidery pattern. If you look up, the mountain of Gerania stands proud and green touching the clear sky. The monasteries of Prophet Ilias and Saint Patapios complete the beautiful natural picture. The artificial waterfalls, the palm trees along the promenade, the beach park full of colorful and fragrant oleanders, the small port and the wonderful view complement the beautiful landscape. And the final touch to the "painting" ... the sunset that each season gives the sky and the sea many different colors. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the most romantic settings!

Nightlife info

Nightlife info


Loutraki offers visitors countless options in gastronomy and fun. The cafés along the beach offer coffees and snacks but also inspired cocktails for every taste. During the summer you can be served on the beach on comfortable sun-beds so you can enjoy the sun and the sea. In the evenings many of these cafés run as bars and often host various Djs and artists for live performances. For those who like to stay up late, there are night clubs open until morning for dancing and wild fun. Dinner options are various and will surely satisfy the most demanding client: traditional taverns, fish restaurants by the sea, trendy restaurants or delicate fast-food places invite you to follow your craving and choose a tasty challenge. And if you like games and big thrills, the Loutraki Casino - and one of the best in Europe – offers that in luxurious rooms with plenty of games, for maximum fun!

Culture and history info


The first historical mention of Loutraki is in the book of Xenophon “Hellenica”, where the area was a camping site for General Agesilaus and was called “Therme”. It is also said that in Roman times the thermal waters that gushed from the springs of Gerania cured General Sillas and in the Byzantine period churches were built around these springs. During the years of the Greek Revolution the area was a strategic spot for the fighters. In the modern postwar years Loutraki was one of the most important tourist resorts and its name was for years linked with luxury, elegance and well being. In its spa guests would arrive from Greece and from abroad, to enjoy the benefits of the thermal water or to treat a medical condition. This long history continues to this day with the new super-modern thermal spa and Loutraki still remains at the top of travelers’ list.


Loutraki nowadays hosts various cultural events and festivals. Theatrical plays - at the open theater of Dexameni Park for the summer or the amphitheater of the Alexandreio Convention Center for the winter-, music concerts, contemporary or traditional dance festivals are just some of the events that you have the opportunity to watch in the area, organized every year and throughout the year. In the last years the biggest and most famous festivals, such as the "Loutraki Festival", take place in the city and offer visitors the opportunity to combine holidays with wonderful plays and concerts.

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