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Ancient Corinth

About This Project

Ancient Corinth was an important city-state of ancient Greece. Ancient Corinth controlled the pivotal position of the Canal of Corinth and was the most important commercial hub of the ancient world, until it was threatened by Athens. Corinth was considered the richest city in the ancient world.

The village of Ancient Corinth is now quite touristic and next to it stand the ruins of the ancient city and of the temples and the archaeological museum, which attract many visitors every year.

Today you will find in that area the archaic temple of Apollo, which was built in 530 BC with monolithic Doric columns, of which seven remain upright in a prominent position over the market ruins. The market is formed by a series of uniform establishments, each of which was divided into two rooms.

Accessible is also the Conservatory, which was built in the 1st century next to findings showing that there used to be an ancient theater with a capacity of 18000 seats.

Finally there is the Asclepion which is carved, for the most part, on the rocks.

In the area you will also see the Acrocorinth, the castle of Corinth, where there used to be temples dedicated to Aphrodite, Dimitra and Kori.

The castle was in continuous use from ancient times until recently. Thus the buildings have been reconstructed several times, while the building material has been used several times to meet each time’s requirements.

Ancient Corinth

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