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Lake Stymphalia

About This Project


Stymphalia is a swampy lake of mountain Corinthia, located on a plateau, at an altitude of 600 meters, between the mountains Kyllini and Oligyrtos and is also the most southern mountain wetland in Balkan. It retains water during the winter and it extends up to 3.5 square kilometers.

Lake Stymphalia is linked to the sixth labor of Hercules, who faced the Stymphalian Birds there. Hercules managed to lure the birds to emerge from the dense flora of the lake, thanks to the rattle of copper, given to him by the goddess Athena. Then Hercules hit each bird with his arrows.

The lake is a particular wetland with significant biodiversity integrated in the European Network of Protected Areas NATURA 2000. It is an ideal paradise for the 133 species of protected, threatened and endangered birds and it is a haven for many migratory birds.

Of particular biological interest is an endemic species of fish that lives only in this lake, Phoxinellusstymfalicius, which manages to survive the periods of drought of the lake.

Today in this area you can find the Stymphalia Environmental Museum, which is located on the slope of one of the hills surrounding the lake. There you will find information about the local environment and its importance, and will see how the local environment has affected the development of human activity, and particularly of traditional professions. Finally you can see the open aquarium with live fish and plants of the area.

Sites of interest
Lake Stymphalia