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Loutraki Beach

About This Project


Maybe the most beautiful beach of Corinthia! Cool waters, an endless pebble beach and countless options!

The beach of Loutraki begins from the city center. Many cafes and restaurants offer coffee, drinks and snacks in comfortable sun-beds under shady umbrellas. It is ideal for every age and taste. The access is very easy, as it is located a few meters away from the bus stop, and the city has many parking spots for those who use their own vehicle. A part of the beach is accessible to people with disabilities, and there is a ramp installed, granting wheelchair access. Every year its gets awarded the blue flag.

The rest of the beach is quieter, with some parts left as nature intended and others equipped with sun-beds and umbrellas. The lovers of water sports can try windsurfing, Jet Ski and more. There is also a small water park for children, running the last few years. Towards the end of the beach you will find large beach bars that, especially on Sundays, throw big parties with music, dancing and drinks by the sea.

If you are lucky you might come across some young playful dolphins. Also you are guaranteed to enjoy a beautiful sunset. The colors that the sky takes during the sunsets are breathtaking! Depending on the time of year the sun sets at different coordinates, creating every day a special color palette that even the most talented painters would envy!

Loutraki Beach