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Roman Villa Loutraki

About This Project


At a distance of 6 km from the center of Loutraki archaeological excavations have brought to light a luxurious Roman villa and also a large bath complex in the Katounistra region. All these findings demonstrate the importance of the Isthmus region in antiquity but also the development of thermalism in the area.

This area, because of its location, used to be an important commercial and urban center during the first Christian centuries - our excavations have shown that the villa had been used since the 6th century AD.

It is believed that the bath complex had been used more publicly, not only for the villa owners’ needs, due to its large surface; a fact that proves the development of thermalism in Loutraki and in the wider region of the Isthmus from the ancient times.

All the above combined with the ruins of a temple of the classical period, which could be used as an Asclepion (health institution of the time, named after Asclepius-God of Medicine) and other evidence found in the city center, offer evidence that the area was also popular at that time. The city, in Roman times, was reported as "Therme". The area is still under excavation.

Sites of interest
Roman Villa Loutraki