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Climbing in Corinth region

Climbing in Corinth region

Climbing in Corinth region


Combine your favorite hobby in the beautiful region of Corinthia with accommodation, excursions and many other activities. Get your adrenaline pumping by reaching the highest peak of the climbing field of “Tarsos”.

Tarsos Climbing Field – Corinth Greece

Tarsos is a new climbing field located near the village of Kato Tarsos on the plateau of Feneos, Corinthia. The area is also known as the Virgin of the Rocks, named after the impressive chapel built on the hill.

Starting the route from the village of Kato Tarsos a unique natural beauty awaits, with the impressive view of the mountain of Great Zireia. Arriving at the climbing area, you will find that a beautiful location, with large plane and fir trees, cold running waters and lovely green meadows.

A cluster of vertical rocks, almost smooth, with vertical irregular slits, awaits to remind you a little of the magic of the most famous rocks of Greece “Meteora”, as, due to the shape and the composition of the rocks, many call it “Meteora of the Peloponnese”.

The routes are relatively new and well secured. They are densely secured with large plugs with the use of resins. As the routes are still new the use of a helmet is necessary.

While gazing at the big rocks, a big slit will catch your eye. It is a cave, which, during the German Occupation, was used as a refuge by English paratroopers, who functioned as liaisons with the Greek rebels.

There are five fields in the area with enough tracks for every taste. In the photos you will see some of them.

Combine your favorite hobby, in beautiful Corinthia, with stays and excursions arranged by us. Browse our website and find everything about Corinthia, selecting what suits you best.

Frygani Climbing Field

Corinthia is a blessed place, surrounded by mountains and sea, plains and lakes, canyons and scenic paths in nature that attract anyone who wants to get their adrenaline pumping, by doing many kinds of activities.

Among the many choices you have, climbing in mountainous Corinthia is a fact! Every enthusiastic climber will find the right location to get to know the satisfaction of climbing and the thrill of the top, and one of them is the “Frygani” climbing field, in beautiful Kefalari of the mountainous part of Corinthia.

Frygani is an extensive limestone hillside with conglomerate inclusions and is located at the eastern foothills of Mount Ziria at the beginning of the plateau of Lake Stymphalia. It reminds of Meteora very much, but the rock is much stronger and richer in features such as pockets, holes and flops and with the significant difference that here the routes are densely secured.

The environment is idyllic among vines, trees and vivid colors, especially in autumn. It is about 120 km from Athens, via the highway, and it is a great choice for a one-day visit.

It is also an ideal starting point, or even a finishing point, to explore the climbing fields of the Peloponnese. Climbing in the “Frygani” field is ideal any time of day and any time of year.

Things to do


The new city of Corinth was built, in order to continue the history of the ancient city, in the most central spot of the Corinthian Gulf. The port, which has been upgraded the last years, hosts cruise ships, private yachts and sailboats.

The access to Corinth is either by car or train, via the Athens Suburban Railway (a line that connects Corinth to the center of Athens and the airport) or by busses connecting the city with various destinations both in the Peloponnese and the rest of Greece.

It has the largest market in the region with many shops and products and a newly established modern mall. Downtown you can drink your coffee, go shopping, enjoy delicacies of traditional or modern cuisine or rent a bike and ride along the Corinthian Gulf enjoying the wonderful view.

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