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Scuba Diving in Loutraki area

Scuba Diving in Loutraki area

Diving is one of the most magical sports to choose from, especially in the area of Corinthia, which is fortunate to be surrounded by sea.

The bottom is a world full of surprises! Another life unfolds, impressive, serene, lovely. Getting to know this so well hidden and remote place, far from our everyday life, where there’s only calmness and the light comes only from the life-giving rays of the sun, will take you on an exciting adventure.

Live this experience by choosing the program “Discover Scuba Diving”, and learn the fundamentals of scuba diving while making a normal diving with full diving equipment, at a maximum depth of 12 meters.

The participation in the program applies for people over 10 years old, in good health and mood.

Training for Children

Who said that diving is a hobby only for adults? Children over 8 years old can learn the basics of scuba diving combining lessons with fun and adventure. Chose the program specially designed for children and give them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the aquatic world.

Discounts provided for families in scuba diving programs.

Boat Diving

Daily from April till the end of November, boat diving sessions take place in the blue waters of the Saronic and the Corinthian Gulf.

The dive boat is 9 meters long, provides transportation to 12 divers with their equipment and offers fun combining diving trips, swimming, and BBQ on board!

Diving in Goorgonies Corals

Take fun to the next level and get ready to leave the water surface to admire some beautiful underwater images.

Rare yellow and red corals and a fierce vertical bottom in an underwater canyon, 55-75 meters deep, will become a paradise for technical divers!

Recommended dive time: +45 min

Minimum certification: Advanced Open Water Diver

Technical Diving

Technical diving is the most extreme form of scuba diving. It includes dives deeper than 40 meters, cave diving, wreck diving, and diving with the use of special equipment, such as Full Face Mask, Sidemount etc.

Technical diving is characterized as “diving for the few”. It requires great specialization in aspects of equipment and theoretical training and also proper thinking and discipline on behalf of the divers.

There are many training choices in technical diving, in all PADI levels, Tec Deep, Tec TRIMIX, Full Gas Blender, as well as in the specialties Tech Sidemount Diver and Full Face Mask Diver, with all technical diving equipment included in the school fee.

In the Corinthian Gulf takes place boat technical diving of any level, deep TRIMIX diving, wall diving and diving in an underwater canyon of unique beauty, Tech diving in corals and also wreck diving and cave diving.

Support is provided in diving equipment issues, decompression software, diving organization and anything else you need to ensure the quality of your technical diving.

Scuba Diving in Loutraki area

Things to do


The new city of Corinth was built, in order to continue the history of the ancient city, in the most central spot of the Corinthian Gulf. The port, which has been upgraded the last years, hosts cruise ships, private yachts and sailboats.

The access to Corinth is either by car or train, via the Athens Suburban Railway (a line that connects Corinth to the center of Athens and the airport) or by busses connecting the city with various destinations both in the Peloponnese and the rest of Greece.

It has the largest market in the region with many shops and products and a newly established modern mall. Downtown you can drink your coffee, go shopping, enjoy delicacies of traditional or modern cuisine or rent a bike and ride along the Corinthian Gulf enjoying the wonderful view.

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