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Kalavryta Day Tour

Kalavryta Day Tour

Kalavryta Day Tour from Loutraki, Athens & Corinth area

The trip to Kalavryta is a special experience for nature lovers and also for those who want to get to know a piece of the Greek history.

Cog Railway (Odontotos):

Arriving at Diakopto, a trip to your dreams awaits. Boarding the scenic train, the Cog Railway,you will go up on the green slopes of Helmos, a tour described as one of the six rarer train tours in the world. You will cross the beautiful gorge of Vouraikos and find picturesque villages dressed in green, the color of nature. The tour takes 60 minutes until you reach the beautiful village of Kalavryta.


Kalavryta is a typical mountainous Greek village, where you can walk around in the little streets, buy fresh local products (jams, cheese, pasta) and enjoy greek cuisine or fragrant coffee and fresh pastries.

Agia Lavra Monastery:

Five kilometers southwest of Kalavryta, on a hillside, you will see the historic monastery of Agia Lavra, which was built in the 10th century and became the center of the national liberation fight of the Greek people. In the monastery they keep the gospel – a gift for the Russian Empress Catherine II, the relics of the saints, manuscripts on parchment and a unique collection of ancient books.

Mega Spilaio Monastery:

The last stop of the tour is “Mega Spileo” (the Great Cave), one of the most famous and ancient monasteries in Greece. According to legend, in a remote cave a miraculous carved image of Holy Mary was found by chance, made of resin and wax. At that point the monk-brothers Simeon and Theodore built the monastery, which today has a large number of valuable assets, a rare banner with a picture of three Byzantine emperors, a precious cross and the relics of the saints.

Tour Hightlights:


Kalavryta Day Tour from Loutraki, Corinth, Athens

Duration  8 hours

Departure points: Loutraki, Athens, Corinth, Xylokastro, Kineta

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