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Wine tasting Tour in Nemea

Wine tasting Tour in Nemea

Wine tasting Tour in Nemea from Loutraki and Corinth


A world of wine-tasting in Nemea awaits to be discovered with our organized private luxury excursions

Nemea Wineland information:

Nemea has a long history of 3000 years and is known worldwide for organizing great athletic games (equivalent to the Olympic Games), for the first labor of Hercules (he killed the terrible Nemean lion there) and for being the biggest wine making area in Greece, and especially for the production of a unique variety of red wine. Taste it at “Wine Tasting Tour in Nemea“.

Wines of Nemea Land:

Nemea doesn’t need to create myths and traditions about its wine since its roots are deep in the soil of the area. The archaeological finds indicate that the “red wine making” has its roots in ancient times and show that the residents of the region were well aware of the secrets of wine making and especially of the variety “Agiorgitiko”, which is produced only in that area. “Agiorgitiko” wine is highly popular and beloved and not a few wine lovers come to the region just to taste its wonderful flavor. It is even said that it seems to contain all the beauty of the Mediterranean, as it is friendly, warm and reflects the light and passion of the Mediterranean temperament.

Wine tasting Tour in Nemea Information:

Whether you are an expert in wine tasting, or want to make your first contact with the flavors, we arrange a visit to a winery (or a series of wineries) and offer you a great tasting experience. The colors and essences of the wines mix with the delicate flavors of traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients of the Corinthian land and create a journey of pleasures. You will also have the opportunity to learn about wine making (from fruit harvesting to bottling) while closely following all the facilities of a winery.

Extra optional visit on Nemea Tour:

We will finish our tour to Nemea with a visit to the archaeological site or to the Virgin of the Rocks, a monastery built into the mountain during the Byzantine period.

Tour Hightlights:

  • Two wineries tour
  • Wine tasting (3 wines at each winery)
  • Vineyards tour
  • Optional Meal
  • Drive through picturesque scenery of grape fields


Wine tasting Tour in Nemea from Loutraki, Athens, Corinth, Xylokastro, Korfos, Kineta

Duration : approx 6 hours
Departure points: Loutraki, Corinth, Xylokastro, Korfos, Kineta
Pick Up: Αt the place of residence

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